Exposed by Paul Ilett

"She could not shake a terrible feeling of dread, a feeling that out there, somewhere, in the streets of London, someone was watching her. And planning to kill her."


A serial killer is targeting people connected with scandalous right-wing tabloid, the Daily Ear, and journalist Valerie Pierce fears she is next. When no one will believe her, not even the police, she sets out to catch the killer herself. But her plan involves teaming up with a man she considers her personal nemesis – gay TV actor Adam Jaymes.

"Exposed positions former-journalist Paul Ilett as one of the most exciting contemporary writers of the past few years." The Table Read Magazine.

Valerie Pierce is reinventing herself. After more than thirty years as an outspoken columnist for a scandalous right-wing tabloid, the Daily Ear, she wants to renew her personal brand and be seen as a more moderate and thoughtful commentator. She knows she hurt many people over the course of her career, and likely destroyed many lives. But her own private life suffered too, and she is attempting to rebuild her relationships with her estranged daughter and ex-husband.

Only people are dying. People Valerie used to work with. Every three days, at 9pm, someone connected with the Daily Ear is found dead. Valerie can see the pattern, and senses a serial killer is at work. But when no one will believe her, not even the police, she turns to the one person who has the knowledge and resources to help. However, it is someone with a lifetime of grudges against Valerie: gay television actor Adam Jaymes.




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