12 Best LGBTQ Fiction Books: Updated Reading List 2024

The literature does not support any discrimination. If you are seeking the best LGBTQ fiction books, then you are at the right place. You will find the treasure of a diverse range of books from this genre in our chest of fiction books for LGBTQ.

Books from this genre offer unique stories that promote the charm of love, self-exploration, human experiences and struggles. There is alot to learn from this literary collection. At the same time, it's fun to read. Masterpieces like “Exposé” and “Exposed” by Paul Ilett are icing on the cake in the realm of literature. Queer books are not bound to any specific theme.

Instead, these are tales of heartwarming romance, struggling stories with the essence of hope and courage, and many more from queer experiences. Here, we have assembled an updated list of gay fiction books to cherish on your bookshelf.

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Top 10 LGBTQ Fiction Authors

It's time to upgrade your collection if you want to elevate your reading experience. Let's explore the collection of the best LGBTQ books to read in 2024.

1- “Exposed” by Paul Ilett

Suppose you are a true enthusiast of a thrilling journey. In that case, it's time to celebrate because this must-read novel, "Exposed" by Paul Ilett, is an invitation for readers to a thrilling journey with twists and turns and an increased height of suspense until the end.

The story revolves around the former journalist Valerie Pierce, who was stuck in a complicated web of mystery and fear. A serial killer grabs all the attention as he starts targeting his victims, who are connected with Valerie. She has a scandalous past from association with the magazine Daily Ear. She finds herself alone as no one believes her regarding the mysterious killer. There was no way out but to team up with her, unlike ally Adam Jaymes, to explore the reality behind the mystery of a serial killer.

With time death toll increased with the increase in troubles past Valerie. She has to deal with the obstacles of her own demons and race against time to expose the truth before the killer targets her as the next victim.

Paul Ilett’s novel “Exposed” is a sequel to "Exposé," and he masterfully fuses the themes of thrill, mystery and dark comedy. Ilett crafted this tale of suspense and learning from the past that sheds light on the hidden truths within the media industry while also highlighting important issues such as LGBT rights and homophobia.

2- “So Let Them Burn” by Kamilah Cole

The story of this compelling book revolves around a seventeen-year-old Faron who saves her island from a dragon-riding colonizer by using her hidden powers. As time passes, her sister gets involved in a bond with enemies, and Faron is stuck in a situation in which she has to choose between her sister and homeland. What will she choose? Her decisions are going to let her explore a new chapter of unexpected dark secrets, altering her entire life.

3- “Just Happy to be Here” by Naomi Kanakia

It's a story of struggle to get rights for yourself. The protagonist, Tara, who is a trans girl, demands equality like other girls. As society does, she is judged on her transness instead of her qualities and character. She finds no way out of her struggling circumstances. She tries to join a girly club, and then she explores the unknown realities about the actual meaning of girlhood that appears as a twist in her life.

She found her people from Sibyls, but at the same time, some people tried to challenge her with the worst citations. Will she be able to take a stand for herself? Will she raise her voice for her rights?

4- "Call Me by Your Name" by André Aciman from Best LGBTQ Fiction Books

It's a compelling story of love and romance that showcases the scenario of Italian summer. Aciman crafted this heartwarming tale, masterfully highlighting the complexities and expectations related to sexuality. This mesmerizing tale is a must-read for anyone with good storytelling skills.

5- "Giovanni's Room" by James Baldwin from Fiction Books for LGBTQ

Unlike ordinary fiction books for LGBTQ, “Giovanni’s Room” illustrates the themes of identity, social pressure and sexuality uniquely and engagingly. The story happens in Paris, where an American finds attraction for a man, Giovanni. The storytelling of James Baldwin attracts readers with solid qualities that are hard to find in ordinary books. Readers find this book relatable in many instances.

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6- "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde

If you are fond of reading classics, “The Picture of Dorian Gray” is a masterpiece that will elevate your reading experience. This book showcases the power of freedom with no moral restrictions. This tale talks about vanity, gaining attention, and the consequences of freedom. It's not entirely an LGBTQ story, but it has elements highlighting same-sex interaction, enhancing the interest of this story.

7- "Red, White & Royal Blue" by Casey McQuiston from the Best Gay Fiction books

Here is a charm of romance and comedy blended beautifully in the tale of "Red, White & Royal Blue" by Casey McQuiston. It's about the love story of an American first son and a British prince. Readers will compelled to laugh and smile with the fantastic storytelling of McQuiston. With an ideal queer relationship, this novel stands out in the list of the best LGBTQ fiction books.

8- "Less" by Andrew Sean Greer

Standing out in the Gay fiction books, "Less" features a story focused on Arthur Less, a writer who was heading on a journey with twists and turns and avoided attending the wedding ceremony of his ex-boyfriend. Deep lessons are hidden in the humorous prose of this compelling book by Andrew Sean Greer, grabbing the attention of readers with its exciting elements.

9- "The Song of Achilles" by Madeline Miller

Here is another classic gem from the best LGBTQ fiction books collection, the tale of love and romance between the Greek hero Achilles and his friend Patroclus. The unique and attractive storytelling adds a spark to this ancient tale making it more intensified with the essence of love, friendship, and destiny.

10- "Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda" by Becky Albertalli

Getting fame in humorous and LGBTQ+ writings, Emily is found obsessed with romantic entanglement. Her desire for publishing secret shames of our society is what you can experience in every word of her books. She plunges in the paranoia spirals discussing several hot topics such as dating apps, gays and transgender, lesbian relationships, and what not. You can admire her for her quirky humor and how she channels her perceptions in her writings.

11- "Orlando" by Virginia Woolf

This fiction-based novel is all about the adventures of Orlando who transitioned into a woman. He was a nobleman who magically transformed into the opposite gender, exploring the complexities of gender, identity, and the essence of human experience.

12-  “My Fair Brady” by Brian D. Kennedy

This story from the Best LGBTQ Fiction Books is all about Wade Westmore’s life as he used to be in the spotlight. He was refused the lead role in the spring musical, and Reese, his Ex-boyfriend, got that role by whom Westmore was dumped once. There’s a character of Shy Elijah Brady whose presence is never noticed as he is timid. But his hidden talent is highlighted as he joins the crew for the musical.

Wade and Elijah both were feeling the same and had faced similar issues in the past, which became one of the reasons for their nearness. How did the transformation of Elijah take place? Will their any intense bond spark between both of them?


Enjoy this collection of the best LGBTQ fiction books and experience the richness of love, self-discovery and human experiences through the lens of literary tales. From must-read classics to modern spices, this updated list of LGBTQ books to read in 2024 will make you travel to another world of imagination.

So grab any gem from fiction books for LGBTQ, like “Exposed” by Paul Ilett, and enjoy yourself. Happy reading!