What is the LGBTQ Fiction Genre? Top 10 LGBTQ Fiction Authors

Outlining LGBTQ Fiction in Literature

LGBTQ writers have always existed but until more recent times, there was no real representation within the world of literature. Gay characters, for instance, were never explicitly gay. Rather, it was suggested, often so subtly that it would have been lost on readers at the time. Certainly, LGBTQ themes and lived experiences were never central to fiction until the 20th century and even then gay characters were often portrayed as either leading sad or challenging lives or, at best, they were the comedy side kick to a lead character.

But LGBTQ writers have changed this over the past 50 years, and Gay Fiction now stands proudly as a genre in itself, with queer writers sharing tales about the modern day lives and loves of people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans. 

Top 10 LGBTQ Fiction Authors

Generating appeal to an LGBTQ readership is difficult as the market is very full. But, do you consider reading ‘Exposed’ by Paul Ilett? If not, then you’re missing a great masterpiece enriched with a variety of emotions and mysterious details. Here, we are presenting some acknowledgeable authors in LGBTQ fiction genre initiating from ‘Paul Ilett’:

1. Paul Ilett

Towards the art of mystery, Paul Ilett unfolds the character of Valerie Pierce, who once was an outspoken columnist in one of the most scandalous paper in his hands down piece of art ‘Exposed’. Through her character, it is portrayed that she finds herself in a critical juncture. Because, Valerie finds that everyone, who was associated with that scandalous paper, is being murdered brutally. This is the reason she alone decides to find the killer – and this journey allows her to meet Adam Jaymes, who is a queer character in the novel.

LGBTQ+ representation in the story is phenomenal, and if you’re fond of such characters then the character of Adam Jaymes is for you. Paul Ilett, meticulously, portrays the multifaceted personality of Adam Jaymes; and how the collaboration of this character met with Valerie, is such a vision to behold in the story.

The story particularly portrays the diversity and strength within the LGBTQ+ community and several themes of unlikely alliances.

2. Shayla Lawson

Captivating the readers with lost loves and new friends, Shayla Lawson encountered and encouraged a collection of ideas depicting queer characters while travelling around the world. Towards this boulevard, ‘How to Live Free in a Dangerous World: A Decolonial Memoir’ is one of her developing philosophies characterizing the point-of-view of a queer black disabled person. The author tries to refer the process of healing and freedom – delivering an inspirational memoir for the readers.

3. Musih Tedji Xaviere

Musih Tedji, a writer who loves to embark on the same-sex love stories having real stakes. You would find the elements in his stories and points that could make you ugly-cry. It needs guts to tell such a taboo aspects in this society; from his readings such as ‘These Letters End in Tears’, the conceptions related to same-sex relationships can be cleared with some high and emotional notes showing a star-crossed lesbian love story. But, you should consider his readings if you’re interested in such love stories.

4. Emma R. Alban

Handing over the most anticipated queer romance ‘Don’t Want You Like a Best Friend’, Emma R. Alban proves herself as a new voice in this fiction world of LGBTQ. As a debutant, she makes the readers laugh, cry, and dance all over again while projecting a beautifully rendered setting in this lane.

5. Stephen McCauley

Stephen, with his volatile reading in the category of gay fiction books, is among the best LGBTQ fiction authors – because he’s best at dysfunctional and thrilling social comedies. It is Stephen’s specialty that every page counts and gives a pleasing magic of characters. Readers feel unmitigated delight because his capability in detailing the characters is gifted and exceptional.

His ‘You Only Call When You’re in Trouble’ is an example from the LGBTQ fiction book – having a beauty and justification for every aspect discussed.

6. Temim Fruchter

Temim assures a new literary voice within his style of writing focusing on the queerness. The plot, employs by Temim, encircles the LGBTQ+ world. The style is non-binary in her writings; however, she takes you on an ambitious ride of thrill, surprise, delight, enthrall, and challenging situations – this is all you can experience in her latest deal ‘City of Laughter’.

7. Ivana Bodrozic

LGBTQ+ content is not restricted anymore to be the part of society – the authors like, Ivana, allows the readers to come in the sphere of liberation challenging the mind, family values, and society as well. With her cutting-edge read in the market, ‘Sons, Daughters: A Novel’, you can go through the complex and hidden relationships either between gays or Trans.

8. Eric Schlich

Eric articulates his literary arts while diving through the complex situations existed in LGBTQ+ compass. With a degree and award in fiction, he stimulates the bibliophiles with his spiritual comings while evangelizing the abnormal facets on faith and sexuality. He is now in the marketplace with his latest deal ‘Eli Harpo's Adventure to the Afterlife: A Novel’ – towards exploring the beliefs and forgiveness.   

9. Timothy Janovsky

Doing what he enjoys, Timothy is a multidisciplinary storyteller who is famous for delivering sensually descriptive love scenes to showcase the dark reality of gay relationships. With his ‘The (Fake) Dating Game’, he showed his wit and charm for giving a healthy dose of sexuality.

10. Emily Austin

Getting fame in humorous and LGBTQ+ writings, Emily is found obsessed with romantic entanglement. Her desire for publishing secret shames of our society is what you can experience in every word of her books. She plunges in the paranoia spirals discussing several hot topics such as dating apps, gays and transgender, lesbian relationships, and what not. You can admire her for her quirky humor and how she channels her perceptions in her writings.