6. Feb, 2020

Goodreads Giveaway

I am really pleased to announce a giveaway deal through Goodreads. Between 8 February and 20 February, Goodreads members in the US can enter the giveaway competition to win one of 100 free copies of Exposé. Keep an eye on the giveaway page at Goodreads for when the competition goes live on Saturday. And good luck!

Latest comments

14.02 | 00:49

Great read! The anticipation, setup, and reveal for each exposed secret was exciting. Loved that the book felt grounded in reality, and enjoyed being a fly on the wall in the paniced newsroom.

06.03 | 21:45

reminds me very much of the new BBC2 Richard Were FatherMotherSon, have they copied you

30.10 | 17:30

It’s a page turner. Piers Morgan and his ilk beware!

05.10 | 14:25

Absolutely loved this book. Please have it turned into a TV drama!

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