16. Sep, 2022

Week One: Just published!

For independent authors, like me, the first month after publication of a book is quite tense. First, of course, I am waiting for initial reviews, a good indicator as to whether I’ve written something that booklovers will actually want to read. Secondly, I don’t have a large publishing house with a marketing team to push awareness of Exposed. Any publicity I get, I have to get myself. Being able to promote my book as a ‘new release’ makes a difference. And so, these early days are crucial.

I have already had some success. My local paper, the Southend Echo, ran a story about my new book. It’s a really great article too. And I have some other things in place. I have a Goodreads giveaway campaign going live this weekend, which is a great way of getting my new book to readers who are likely to leave a review.

I also have a promotion early next week through one of the main online book websites, which includes an email notification about my book going to tens of thousands of readers. On top of all this, an old school friend has been in touch and offered his bar as a location (for free) for a book signing, which is something I have not done before and I think it might be good fun.

I have sent media releases elsewhere too – LGBTQ press, local publications and some book magazines. And I have focused quite a bit on communications channels that link to libraries and librarians – if I can get Exposed into public libraries, that will make a huge difference to awareness or my book.

Everything is a bit quiet at the moment, so I will need to see how things play out over the next week. But I am hopeful my new book lands well with readers, and I hope some of the channels and campaigns I am running (on a very limited budget) will help raise awareness.

I will let you know how I get on.

Kind regards, Paul

Latest comments

14.02 | 00:49

Great read! The anticipation, setup, and reveal for each exposed secret was exciting. Loved that the book felt grounded in reality, and enjoyed being a fly on the wall in the paniced newsroom.

06.03 | 21:45

reminds me very much of the new BBC2 Richard Were FatherMotherSon, have they copied you

30.10 | 17:30

It’s a page turner. Piers Morgan and his ilk beware!

05.10 | 14:25

Absolutely loved this book. Please have it turned into a TV drama!

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